June 2011
Corporate News and Events
Cadence claims as patent leader in EDA market, EE Herald
Cadence Accelerates Development of Multiprocessor Mobile Devices with New ARM ACE Verification IP - Press release

Silicon Realization News
(Custom/Analog, Digital IC, Functional Verification, PCB & IC Packaging, Front End Design)

In the News
Custom/Analog - Speeding the adoption of smart meters and smart appliances, EE Times

Communities and Blogs
Functional Verification - DAC Preview: Make Assertions Come Alive with Assertion-Driven Simulation
Functional Verification - OVM 2.1.2 -- Getting You Ready for UVM
Functional Verification - Sometimes the Real World Needs Assertions Too
Functional Verification - User View: Where e Outshines SystemVerilog For Functional Verification
Mixed Signal - CPF Low Power Simulation with Analog and Mixed-Signal Design (CPF-AMS)
Low Power - How to Control Power Switch Rush Current
Custom/Analog - SKILL for the Skilled: Virtuoso Applications of SKILL++
Custom/Analog - Q&A: How ClioSoft Keeps IC Design Data Management “Simple”
PCB Design - Miniaturization Through Embedding Packaged Components – Part2
PCB Design - Cadence OrCAD Capture Marketplace -- The Cool Factors
PCB Design - What's Good About Allegro Embedded Components? SPB16.5 Has Many New Enhancements!
Front End Design - 8 user tech evals of CDNS RTL Compiler vs. SNPS Design Compiler

SoC Realization News

White Papers
Design IP - Cadence Design IP – DRAM Memory Controller Datasheet
Design IP - Cadence Design IP – PCI Express Gen 3 Controller Datasheet

System Realization News

In the News
PCB Design - VeriSilicon and Cadence Collaborate on a Flexible and Robust Prototyping Platform for Hardware/Software Integration and Co-Verification

Communities and Blogs
Verification IP - ARM ACE Verification IP: Verifying Hardware Cache Coherency
HW and SW Platforms - Q&A: A Closer Look at the Cadence Virtual System Platform
HW and SW Platforms - Q&A: Hardware/Software Integration Challenges Demand System Realization Solutions

HW and SW Platforms - IBM-Cadence Collaboration Optimizes Hardware/Software Integration

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